Tooth Replacement Therapy in Sweetwater, TN

Tooth Replacement Therapy in Sweetwater, TN

Tooth replacement is a dental procedure that involves replacing a missing tooth with an artificial one to restore function and aesthetics. Tooth replacement therapy is used to address tooth loss and decay. When a tooth is lost due to decay or injury, the remaining teeth often shift and move into the space left by the missing tooth. This can lead to a misaligned bite and difficulty chewing and speaking. Tooth replacement therapy can help correct these issues by replacing the lost tooth with an artificial one. This can help restore your mouth's function and improve your oral health. At Moore Smiles, we offer tooth replacement options that include dental implants, dentures, and bridges. 

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The Common and Effective Tooth Replacement Options 

Dental Implant 

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that replace missing teeth. The dental implant post is surgically placed into the jawbone by our dentist in Sweetwater, TN, where the bone will fuse with it over time. Once the fusion is complete, the post will be strong enough to support an artificial tooth.  

The post is made of titanium, which fuses to the bone through osseointegration. This process allows the post to act like the root of a natural tooth. A crown is then attached to the post to replace the missing tooth. 

Dental Bridges 

Dental bridges are used to replace one or more missing teeth. A bridge is composed of one or more artificial teeth held in place by dental crowns attached to adjacent healthy teeth. Bridges restore your smile's appearance and function, preventing surrounding teeth from shifting and causing alignment problems. 


Dentures are removable appliances that can replace an entire arch of teeth or just a few teeth in a row. Complete dentures replace all upper or lower teeth, while partial dentures are used when only a few teeth are missing. Partial dentures attach to your remaining healthy teeth with metal clasps. Complete dentures rest on the gums and are secured with denture adhesive. 

The Benefits of Tooth Replacement Therapy 

Improved Appearance 

One of the most apparent benefits of tooth replacement therapy in Sweetwater, TN, is enhancing your smile's appearance. Missing teeth can affect your facial aesthetics, causing sagging of the cheeks and lips, making you appear older than you are. Replacing missing teeth can rejuvenate your smile and restore its youthful vitality, boosting your self-esteem and self-confidence. 

Restored Functionality 

Tooth loss can significantly impact your ability to chew and speak properly. It can limit your diet to softer foods, affecting your overall nutrition. Tooth replacement therapy restores your ability to eat diverse foods, which is essential for your overall health. Additionally, it helps you speak clearly and confidently, eliminating any speech impediments caused by missing teeth. 

If you're considering tooth replacement therapy, visit Moore Smiles at 206 Mayes Avenue, Sweetwater, TN 37874, or call (423) 337-5045 to consult our dentist who can assess your unique dental needs and recommend the most suitable treatment option. 

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